Information on Ordering Wrap Scrap Items

There have been a lot of questions about pricing and instead of emailing everyone separate, I simplified things and am posting a basic breakdown of current pricing. This is not an exhaustive list, but will give you an idea of prices. (Please note that this can change without further notice.)
**Prices do not reflect shipping to and from my sewing studio.
** Texas residents will have to add 8.5% tax on sales.

Comes with 4 credit card slots on one side, 2 cc slots and one big pocket on other side and zipper pocket on outside. Includes the wrist strap. The finished size is about 5x8".
Price for labor and supplies $45 cotton/$55 leather accents, you send in the scrap for the outside and wrist strap.

Stuffed Animals
You can send in scrap, or I have some basics available.

Monkey: $45 + 22" scrap.
Dinosaur: $70 + 10" for half wrap, half other fabric *or* 21" for full wrap scrap.

Ring Sling Conversion

From a wrap, includes chopping the wrap, rings, choose either pleated or gathered shoulder (does not include shipping) $30
Hemming the other piece cut off $5

Small bag with flap
Has small zipper pocket on the inside with 2-4 credit card slots, long shoulder strap.
$55 + send in your scrap.

Wrap scrap custom bags
I've done several custom bags. The prices for these vary great depending what materials are used, i.e. leather, cotton canvas, and depending how many pockets and other details need to be done. In general for average sized shoulder bags, the prices start at around $70-90 with 4 pockets, 1 zipper pocket and canvas or cotton accents. If you want more pockets, specialized features like conversion from bag to backpack, rings or leather parts, the price will be adjusted according to time to make it and price of supplies.

Wrap Conversion Mei Tai (WCMT) and Buckle carriers
Unfortunately with the new laws taking into effect I am no longer able to make conversion carriers.

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