Sunday, November 2, 2008

Art Bazaar continued

The Ft. Stewart Holiday Bazaar was a great success. I had enough time to make a couple of new things, so that I had plent of things to display. I am always suprised how different it is selling at a craft fair compared to Etsy. On etsy I sell a lot of stuffed animals, and at the fairs the bags and pouches seem to be a hit. I had a really fun time and met a lot of nice people and made some contacts. There were over 80 vendors at the fair, but many of them were not selling "home made" things. I was lucky, since the woman next to me was selling polymer clay pens that she had made. I hope she will also open an etsy store soon- her pens were very popular. Many of the booths were aso very fancy with decorations, so I felt a little outdone on that end- but I figure that I make it up in heart and spirit!

Here are some photos from the morning of the fair. Many people are still setting up. Next weekend I have a couple of pieces in the Telfair Annual Art Fair tent so that is exciting too. It seems that all my weekends are busy. I have a couple of comissions to work on and a print to make for a portfolio, so that should keep me busy.

I made some cute elves for the craft show, and thought that if I can make some time, I could upload directions on how to make them too. You can see some of them in on the shelf in the middle photo. :)

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