Friday, June 20, 2008

New critters!

Today was a combined art day and craft day. I had some time to do prints, that are still undone, and on top of that I put together a whole bunch of little doggies and one kitty. I love these critters, they all end up having such a personality of their own. I posted one on etsy for now. Three are reserved for a friend to put in her shop next month. I am so proud of her, she has her own store front about an hour from our house, and is selling antiques with art, and more modern things. I am dying to go visit her new boutique. I'll post some pictures when I go down there.

Also in the works are a new design for a plushie for Jessica at the Shiny Squirrel Boutique, but not sure what that will be yet. I have ideas for an owl and a ferrett. I guess it will be a mystery until it is unveiled...

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Café Chick said...

How very cute - and creative!

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