Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday tidings

I had a chance to drive to Brunswick, GA today to drop off some critters and art at my friend Melissa's shopette. If you live close to this area, the Antiques store can be found at 1601 Newcastle, in Old Brunswick. (There was a fantastic sandwich shop on the next block called Manhattan Subs, I would recommend that as well.)

Melissa, has a little room of her own in an antique store that is absolutely adorable. It was hard to take pictures in there, but I did my best. I built a stepped shelving unit to go on the floor to display little critters I had made. Here are a couple of photos of what is in her shop. We kind of turned the store upside down while setting everything up, but you can get an idea of how it looks from the pictures.

Out dogs are also the funniest things, I love watching them sleep in the most weird positions on the livingroom floor. Every once in a while I have the camera by me and I get to snap cute pictures of them.

Another fabric designer whose designs I fell in love with is Robert Kaufman. Here are a couple of prints from his collection. So cute, so cute...

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