Sunday, August 24, 2014

A House. Finally.

We have been a wandering family since May 3rd, but finally tomorrow we get to start moving into a new house in TX! As you can understand it's something to celebrate. Can't wait to have a sense of normalcy in our lives again. The house we got is pretty dark in color scheme, so I spent wednesday painting two rooms and have one more to go on monday before our belongings get moved in on Wednesday.
This is my new studio that will house both sewing and printmaking equipment. It'll be interesting to see how I can keep them both on their own sides of the room. The good thing is that the room is at the opposite side of the house than the bedrooms, so I can even finish up projects at night without waking the kids. In our last house my sewing and printmaking was in the next room over. So nothing could happen at night.

Here is the room before. It was a deep red color, that made the room dark. It needed to be changed to something more cheerful, since red also makes me feel anxious.

I wasn't very prepared when going to Home Depot to pick colors, but after some minutes trying to figure out what I liked, this is the color I came home with. I should have gotten something a little warmer, since the tiles are yellow/brown. But its too late now. Anyways, its a pretty colors, and once all my equipment is in, you won't notice the tile any more.

The lady at the paint section recommended a Glidden two in one paint, which enabled me to cover all that red in one swell coat. Saved me a ton of time! You could see some little pit marks after the paint had dried, so I went over a thin second quick coat to cover those up. 

The other two bedrooms are dark brown, even the ceilings, so something had to be done about those too. I don't think a cave is a fun play place for little kids. There was almost a gallon left over from this, and since there was some time left that day, I painted one of the bedrooms with this color too. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and got one more gallon of a light yellow color, that will go up in the other little bedroom tomorrow.  

On a crafty note, this is also sitting on my sewing table. Ready to be chopped into a ring sling and a shorty. Good times! I can't wait to get my proper sewing room set up. There are so many awesome things ready to be put together. Can't wait to share them with you. 

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