Thursday, August 14, 2014

Green Shibori Ring Sling

I love the way my first trial in Sekka Shibori turned out and wanted to post just a short story of the second one I made the following day. I had a 2.5 yd piece of Osnaburg cotton that was the perfect candidate to retry folding and dyeing. This time instead of the hexagon pattern I thought it would be fun to fold it slightly differently to get a square/diamond pattern. To get the hexagons, you fold the fabric in a triangle that has three equal sides and to get the squares, you fold the fabric so that there is a 90degree angle and two short sides and one long. See my image below. For the start of the folding you can see my first shibori tutorial here 

Below is the first fabric I dyed in the hex pattern that was made into a wrap. 

To start with this one I did an accordion fold just like with the previous fabric, which I then folded into triangles like in my illustration above. After soaking it in soda ash for 45 min or so, I took the same pieces of wood from the first dye job and clamped them around this fabric. They were not the same size as this stack obviously, but I figured that would work in my advantage letting more dye penetrate my folds.  

The first time around I would have wanted a little more dye to seep through, so this time the wood pieces were smaller than my fabric so I could squeeze and massage the dye more heavy handedly into the folds as I was painting it on with a paintbrush. When you do this just be sure to keep an eye on the clamp so that it does not pop off your folded fabric as you manipulate your folds. Below is the painted stack. I used Dylon Tropical and Dark Green shades to get a kind of a halo effect which I thought would look nice on the raw Osnaburg.  

The stack was then bagged for 24hrs and opened the next day. Below is an image of the stack unclamped and being unraveled. It is always like Christmas at this point! I rinsed the fabric several times and washed in hot to get the rest of the dye out. The greens came out more fadd than I had imagined, but I still liked the pattern and thought it just needed a little sprucing up. I thought the natural color of the osna was too brown, so into a yellow bath it went. After this round of dyeing, rinsing and washing the fabric was finally done. 

I hemmed and converted it into a ring sling with silver rings. I like the colors now much better. It reminds me of a retro kitchen tile pattern or something similar, which I anticipated and like. It looks cute when wrapped. :)  

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