Sunday, August 3, 2014

A New Start

HI! You might be wondering where I've been all this time… We moved to Germany from Seattle, had two kids, and now moved back stateside to TX a week ago. Our lives have been in so much flux it's been hard just remembering to eat meals some days.

I have been keeping up with crafting, but with the kids, it's nearly impossible to try to find time to write about things. I'll try to ship-shape up and let you in on things again.

This blog will be changing focus a little more to baby/kid related items for obvious reasons. I have been making lots of diapers and baby carriers in the last years and hope to post about those. In addition to sewing I also am getting into dyeing fabrics which is pretty exciting, since you never know what you get until after you do it. We will also be moving into a house as soon as we find one, and maybe there will be some fun decorating projects to do. :)

As always my printmaking related things are on my other blog here.

Talk to you soon!

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